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What is a Pisces influenced child? All children have the Pisces influence but some have it more than others and that is important to understand. Children who have planets in Pisces, planets in in the 12th house and planets aspecting Neptune, are the children who are more so Pisces influenced. On a scale from 1-9, children who have the examples I mentioned, are at 9 on the scale and if they have more than one of the examples, they go higher.

What I want to discuss about the Pisces influenced child is how they feel in this world. Pisces influence children are dreamers, the symbol used to describe the nature of Pisces is one fish going up into the spiritual realm and one fish grounded here on earth. Where as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac (1st house) part of the body ruling Aries is the head. Pisces is the last sign (12th house) in the zodiac, Pisces is ruled by the feet. If you pay close attention, Pisces children have very interesting feet almost amphibian like. Depending on their upbringing, they can have very nice feet, very bad feet or somewhere in between but it is always something interesting about their feet.

Pisces is one of the three water signs and out of all the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and last but not least Pisces. Pisces is the most absorbent of them all making them very intuitive, psychic and even empathic. Pisces influenced children being highly absorbent and imaginative is my reason for writing this particular blog, I want to get it out there to people about what kind of child the Pisces influence child is. Let me tell you, they are very special.

What is so special about the Pisces influenced child?

All signs are special In their own way but what sets the Pisces influenced child apart from the rest is the possible vulnerable position they can be set up for if the parents don’t understand this child. This child should be explained about things having to do with this world because it is as if they are learning for the first time. You may ask why this child must have things explained to them if they are so psychic, intuitive and empathic? The reason why is because remember I mentioned that the symbol for Pisces is one fish going up into the spiritual realm and the fish going down is the fish grounded here on earth. When the Pisces child is a child, they are still really close to the source/spiritual realm.

All children are closer to the source than adults but the Pisces influenced child is more so because Pisces rules the 12th house and the 12th house is where the spiritual realm and collective consciousness is. When they come out the womb into this life and they begin to observe all that is going on around them, they observe as though they are still in the spiritual realm, even though now, they are here on earth.  What they pick up through intuition they may not be able to use to their advantage in this earthly realm if they are not dealt with in truth. They will often face challenges in school if parents don’t first school this child at home. Example, I have a friend who is strong Pisces influenced. She shared a story with me about not knowing a whole lot when she was young, at the least, not knowing what was expected of her to know. She felt like she was slow and a special case as in special needs, handicapped in some kind of way, this is what she was picking up, absorbing from her environment. She told me of a story where she was taking a test at school and one of the questions asked on the test was “What is a sky scraper” she said that her answer was “Something that scrapes the sky.” Now that is a very intelligent and logical answer for a child who was never told what a skyscraper was but the interesting thing is in how literal her answer was. Why was her answer literal, why did she at the very least know to make sense of the question being asked? Here is why, the opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo, although opposite, they are from one body so they have one mind, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Virgos don’t do to well with living in fantasy world like the Pisces does and Pisces don’t do to well in the Virgo world where everything is about the mind and everything is based on facts, figures and context. Yet, both signs take turns using each other to get out of the situation that is opposite their personal reality. The Pisces influenced child’s answer after being asked what is a skyscraper was “Something that scrapes the sky” which is the wrong answer, yet the Pisces child said the only logical/ fact and figure thing a child can say when they don’t really know. That same Pisces influenced child (now and adult) told me that no one ever explained anything to her and if she asked questions, she would get vague answers, picked on and made fun of for not knowing.


Another example of how that same Pisces influenced child I spoke of, her mind at work as a child, when her intelligence is taken for granted and not understood. She said she would ask questions and who ever she asked the questions to, often times if they did not do a good job at explaining the answer and she inquired more, she would often get told by them that  “Later on down the road you will see” In her mind, when she went outside and took a walk down the road, she literally thought the answer would pop out from some where. When the answer didn’t come, she began to think that maybe she had walked down the wrong road and from then on, each different road she walked, she walked with the hope in mind that this was the right road that she would see the answers, funny but very true. This is how innocent minded the Pisces influenced child can get if they go on in life with out any proper guidance. Don’t get me wrong, they are not innocent in the sense they are not capable of being mischievous but Innocent in the sense that this particular child’s experience on earth feels very unknown, nothing like the spiritual realm it came from where the truth was felt, not experienced, then broken down into facts figures, context and words. The opposite sign Virgo, has that job to do.  Pisces says “I believe, I merge” Virgo says “I learn, I analyze”  Virgo is facts, figures context and words. Pisces believes that there is something to this earthly realm and doesn’t quite know it yet, but is here to merge what it learns here, with what it knows about there (the spiritual realm) so that it may inspire people with the idea that when we leave earth, there is more to come. It is said that the true sign of Jesus Christ is Pisces. He was a fisherman (refer back to the symbol of Pisces) who was often  seen by the water (Pisces is a water sign) and always spoke of his father in heaven (in the world but not of it) As your Pisces influence child grows older, you will begin to see that they can be sacrificial, giving up their very last to someone who is less fortunate than them. (Something else Jesus also did).

No child should be lied to or dumbed down but the Pisces child specifically should never be lied to or given vague explanations that leaves them wondering around in this unknown world with no true information. Unlike other signs, it is difficult for Pisces to recover from lies; especially long term lies. Do your best to keep them away from fairy tales that are believed to be true. If your Pisces child ask you a question that you feel uncomfortable with, you may not be ready to give them the answer but they are ready to know the answer and it is your job as the parent to tell them the truth or find someone with whom you trust to tell them. Putting them off, giving them vague responses, causes them to go further into the dream world in search of answers that they can’t even compare to reality, let alone interpret enough to understand the difference between there and here, is detrimental.

Don’t get explicit mixed up with truth because you can tell someone the truth without being explicit but what ever you do, tell your Pisces influenced child the truth. Telling them the truth will help them to make sense of the comparison between their dream world and the now reality that they live in, the truth actually makes these individuals much sharper and able readied students of life. This child is loving but if not treated correctly according to their nature, they can go cold like their opposite sign Virgo. Not saying that Virgo is completely cold but Virgo’s get better with time when they come to the understanding on the emotions of themselves and eventually the emotions of others. Pisces influenced children, when you see them spacing out, talk to them and keep them grounded. It is okay to let them go into their own world but help them stay grounded. If you do this when they are children, when they become adults they will not need your guidance in the area of staying grounded anymore. They will navigate this world like the fish they are, being able to communicate the spirit realm to people in the language of facts and figures. Teach them while young the dangers of drugs. Tell them the truth about why the world is so cruel and if you don’t know that answer, tell them you don’t know. As a parent, you don’t have to know it all and you can tell your Pisces influenced child the same. I spoke about them being highly absorbent. When they are lied to, they immediately know. They may not express it verbally but being lied to especially by their parents is particularly confusing. If anyone else lies to them, it will not affect them as much as it affects them if their parents, Guardian or loved ones lie to them. A lie from their loved ones brings them fear and fear pushes them further into a dream world of anxiety, fear and illusions. Abuse of any kind, even unintentional abuse can lead them into a world of drugs where they can even further escape this reality that they can’t seem to get any help on navigating. Don’t read this thinking that the Pisces child is to much, like a burden because we all need assistance and guidance. However, to each is own and needs are different based on the individual. Just tell them the truth and leave the rest up to them. They will be able to take things from there.

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  1. I recently went to a site and put the necessary information in to get my daughters natal birth chart. I was just doing it for the heck of it. As I read this, I could see my daughter who I recently discovered has Moon in Pisces. It all makes sense. All though most children liked her and enjoyed playing with her, she struggled in class and got picked on by those children who needed to make themselves look smart by putting her down. I realized that she was a special child but I didn’t realize how special she is like what it say’s in this blog. I mean, she is special to me but I am talking about when it comes to Astrology. I have never lied to her but I don’t always explain things to her either. She is mostly a quiet child who is kind of to herself, maybe because she feels that I somehow take her for granted. Now that I know this information, I am going to study about the sign Pisces so I can do my best to be the very best mother to her that I can be. Thanks Spiritually Speaking 7 for this information.

    1. spiritually speaking7

      I see that you have been here twice. I am grateful that you are enjoying the blogs. If you ever want any of the services, email or give us a call. Peace and blessings to you, take care.


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