My very first memory


Greetings, I am SS6 which stands for Spiritual Speaker 6. I would like to share with you, my very first memory.

Many years ago, I took my self back to my very first memory. The process was interesting because it was not something I was able to recall in a short period of time. In fact, it took at least 3 months because of the filtering process that needed to take place within my mind. I had to recall from my most recent memories, going back to my very first memory. I filtered out everything in my mind accept for significant highlights and those insignificant events surrounding the highlights, I filed them away in the (check later) part of my mind. Although significant, the insignificant memories I mentioned, they were blurred by time, they stuck but didn’t entirely stick because they didn’t affect me in an evolutional way, however, they did affect me but for the purposes of what I was attempting to do, I needed specifics and those specifics were my highlights. Highlights are those memories that evolved me. Here are my highlights. I recalled this particular highlight, then investigated my age at the time of the highlight. I had an asthma attack, I thought I was dying so of course that memory evolved me and really stuck. When that happened, I was age ten, I took that highlight and filed it away as milestone 1. Milestone seemed appropriate within the context of my purpose for going back in time to my very first memory. I was hit by a car in front of my house, I was age seven when that took place. I took that memory and filed it away as milestone 2. The first pre school I went to, I remember not wanting to separate from my mother, I didn’t like the first day because I had to be away from her to go be with people I was not familiar with. I was age five when that took place and I filed that memory away as milestone 3.

Like snapshots of time periods, I was recalling milestone highlights. Finally I was at my last, but yet very first memory and it went like this. I didn’t know the exact age I was but I had to be a toddler because I was very small however I could walk and I was not wearing a diaper. Not quite big enough to be age three, I had to be age two for which later I confirmed with my father. He said I had to be close to, not quite age two because my sister who is twenty two months younger than I, was born in that house and at the time of my first memory, she was not yet born. Back to my very first memory. Around age two, my eyes opened, as to be opening from awakening out from sleep. I recall that I woke up due to hearing some loud voices in the distance talking but the loud talking was not happening anymore once my eyes opened. I remember thinking to my self, where am I or what is this place? I was laying on a mattress that was not on a box spring, it was just a large size mattress on the floor in front of very large window that the sun light shown through. The room I was in was not a basic bedroom, it was more like a dining room creatively turned into a bedroom. The mattress was very comfortable and it had comfty and clean linen on it. As I laid there looking up at the dome ceiling, I recall a womans voice calling out “Amani” My ears could hear the voice calling out “Amani” this was my first memory so this was the first time in my memory, of experiencing my senses. Instinctively, I rolled over out the bed first placing my little feet on the warm hardwood floor, I began to walk towards the voice. When I got in front of the person calling out the name “Amani” I stood in front of her looking up at her in wonder, she was standing next to a very tall balled man and they were both standing under a doorway at the entry of another bedroom. She reached to pick me up, as she held me I just wondered and wondered who is this person? She kissed me and after she kissed me, arms holding me tight on her waist, she looked at me for a minute, then the very tall man standing next to her took me out of her arms and he kissed me, then he placed me back on the floor. Although I was not talking or saying anything through out this entire experience, in my head I recall the feeling of, “I don’t know how I got here or who these people are but I guess this is where I am going to be”. It turns out that the woman in this memory was my mother and that man was my father. I eventually came to accept that my birth name was Amani and to this day, it still is Amani. (smiles) From that memory to this date, my life has been very much so as it was when I was that age. I am an observer who comfortably lives inside of my head. I am always wondering and looking for answers to explain who I am. I find it very interesting how my mind was at my very first memory. Why did I not have the feeling of ever being here on planet earth before that particular memory? Why did I wonder who my mother and father were? The answer to that is another story.

I shared this memory because I think it is important to remember the first day you knew you were here on planet earth and how you felt once you realized that. It has a lot to do with tracking ones consciousness and understanding ones self in relationship to how one is evolving. Memory plays a huge role in discovering the compromisation of who I was to be, came into play and how do I now, want to shape my self. Regressing, taking ones self back in time is different for everyone. For me I would lay on my back at night in the dark and just recall, recall, recall. Then I would go to sleep. When I awake the next day, I would have a solid milestone memory that I stored away. The process can be draining so I would take a break and when I was rested enough, I would go back and do the same thing again. Each milestone served as a marker point for me to further regress from the last point of reference. That is what worked for me. If you have never done this before, it may be different for you. As you attempt to go back, you will discover how your mind works and from that point, you will be able to create a way for going back down Memory Lane, that specifically works best for you.

4 thoughts on “My very first memory

  1. Simply profound and amazing.

  2. houston lee andrews

    Love your insights, great stuff!

  3. Denisha

    Amani I am VERY PROUD OF YOU!! I didn’t realize this was your site until I seen your latest IG post. I always knew you were special and gifted and I am glad to see the direction you are moving in your life. I have a new site to connect to now. Keep up the Awesome work my friend, your doing well.


    1. spiritually speaking7

      Thanks Denisha, you know I dont go a day without applying Astrology and Numerology. If it wasn’t for those two, I dont know where I would be…lol

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