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This entry is dedicated to the Life path 6 and Destiny number 6 people.

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When 6 is balanced:

Accountable, responsible, teacher, conventional, provider, protector, healer, idealistic, care/caring, selfless, honest, good provider, charitable, nurturer, truth, order, economy, emotional depth, curiosity, deep love of home and family, domestic, humanitarian, service, unselfishness, balance, respectful, peaceful, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, agriculture, balance, grace, simplicity, ability to compromise, inspirational, tolerant, reliable, faithful, seeker, unselfish, cheerful, loving, energetic, respectful, considerate, magical.


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When 6 is unbalanced:

Hhypocritical, weak, unpractical, superiority complex, impractical, submissive, shallowness, weak, restlessness, selfishness, Disconnected, weak-willed, unsupportive, easily-stressed, unaware, moral superiority, sickly, tired, irritated


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Greetings, this is SS6 again coming to you this time to share my perspective on 6 people, specifically Life Path 6 and Destiny number 6.

6 people are the people of love and service. For those of you who don’t really understand what love is, the 6 can show you, if you’d just pay attention. If you read above the balanced attributes of 6, you will notice that they are packed with love actions and the 6 is willing to demonstrate to you what love is. People can feel love coming from 6 and this is why 6 is often sought out to come to the rescue of those in need of resources. By resources I mean just about anything one can think of. Even if one is not asking 6 for anything, yet one is telling 6 about something that is going on with one, they will begin to offer their knowledge in resources that can get one what one needs.

6 is the only number that carries the kind of energy described and for that reason, the 6 is left open to less fortunate people. 6 is talented in many areas, when I speak of the less fortunate, I am talking about various forms of less fortunate which the 6’s many resources will provide for.


Examples of 6’s love through service:

If you need money, 6 will (give) it to you. If you ask to borrow from the 6, and do not pay them back because you know they wont harass you (unless their Sun, Moon or Mars is in a Fire sign) go right ahead. Just make sure you don’t come asking for anything else because the 6 is so tied down with helping people, that if you screw up with them, that will be their way out with you and they won’t mind the feeling of being freed up from one less person in need. You will need them before they need you. However, if you pay them back, consider them your regular helper because you have shown yourself worthy. Don’t get things twisted however, the worthiness begins (after) you pay them back. For each loan you get, warrants a start over period for proving yourself worthy of another future loan. Its not about the money, it is about the principle. A 6 Life path/Destiny trait is honesty. Don’t ask to borrow when you knew from the start you had no intentions on paying back. If you wanted to have the money; that is what you should have said instead of taking kindness for weakness, and displaying (in the mind of a 6) a great disrespect.

If you need an attentive counselor, 6 will be your ear and share with you words of inspiration. 6 intuitively knows what you need and will go about diligently to get those things for you. Having just the right words to inspire you, motivating you to do the necessary things you need to do to get your self out of your current rut.

If you need love, 6 will make you feel loved just by gracing you with their presence. However, If you disrespect the love they have shown you, even if they remain associated with you in some way and they still care about you, you may never feel that love as powerfully as you had felt from them before, you will begin to long for it.

Love is very important to 6 and if you take it for granted, in their eyes, that means you didn’t (see) them and the love you claim to have had for them, wasn’t real. Making it easier for them to let go and move on. 6 is a balanced number. They are balancers who need to be balanced. 6 can become unbalanced (when they are taken for granted and over looked) They are the only one putting out the energy to balance you. In the mind of the 6 Life Path/Destiny, When one wants something or needs something, one has to give something in return and the only thing 6 really wants in return is love, consideration and respect.

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How Life Path or Destiny 6 people see the people they love and care for:

6 people see the people they care about as they see them selves. Someone who deserves love and needs love. Now 6 is going to exemplify the love they want to give to themselves, through the person they care for. For that reason, they are patient and forgiving. They know that no one is perfect and even they 6, makes mistakes. If they had made a mistake with someone they love, they would want to be forgiven. For that reason, they render those they care for the same consideration, at times they are beyond reason in doing such. Due to their patience, one may get the idea in their head that 6 will never go anywhere and they can just walk all over 6, while still getting 6 benefits. That is a mistake to think.

Due to the 6 natural service ability, they are doers. If they love you (for which they pretty much share various examples of love with everyone because they are also humanitarians) they will more than show you. 6 tends to spoil those they love but it is not their intention to enable (which sometimes happens) it is just their loyalty and care that make them over do what they are best at, that being love through service/action. If you get a bit annoyed by them taking care of you, in a nice way, be honest with them and let them know you need some space. They are probably tired any way and could use some rest, but they just want to make sure you are good. If you let them know you are good, they will leave you be. On the flip side, I reiterate they need to be balanced. Show them, not tell them that you see them. If you don’t, when the 6 becomes too tired, at some point they will stop being there for you because at this point they can’t, why? Now, the unbalanced 6 is present. You were not balancing them and now, they must retreat in order to balance them selves, this means, no more dealing with you for you have un reasonably drained them. With family members however, the 6 has more tolerance. In which case, if the family is not seeing 6 (over looking 6), they can be the ones who drain 6 so much that the 6 becomes physically ill.

I know the 6 sounds a bit extreme but think about it, all numbers have gifts for which I wont go into right now. You know what gifts you have and you know what people seek out in you. Don’t you have your limits in how far you will go? I have to mention this however, 6’s limitations at times is beyond reasonable. If you have been taking them for granted, I don’t care if you have been involved with them for 10 years, you should never think your time with them won’t run out. The time spent with 6 is really up to you because they have no intentions on leaving you. This is why they treat you so good. Treating you good is an investment towards a loving future and present. If you are not balancing them, you are making a choice to give them an out for which when the time comes, although they don’t want to, sadly they will leave or end up in the hospital before they can turn the door nob, open the door, and walk out.

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The Life Path, or Destiny 6 child:

The 6 Destiny or Life path female child is already a young mother, she is the caretaker for everyone in the family and even her peer group. Even if she is the youngest, she will protect and nurture her siblings. If she is allowed, she will always be at her mothers side helping her with this and that and she will like what she is doing as long as mommy likes it too and acknowledges appreciation towards the child. The 6 child can sometimes think that she is the parent. Don’t get angry with her because truly she is just expressing her nature. She is not trying to take your place. The 6 female child will sacrifice for her family, she will not go out to play or hang out with friends if her family needs her. You will see this in your Life path or Destiny 6 child early, especially if her natal Sun or Moon is in an Earth or Water sign.

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The 6 influenced boy child is slightly different in the sense that he will love his family, friends and cling to them, until he gets a girlfriend but even then, his family and his friends are very important to him. While at home, he will also help around the house but from what I have observed, he has to be asked and sometimes directed.


Due to society bias, 6 boys don’t exhibit 6 energy as strong as the women or girls. Especially if the boy child has Fire or Air signs, he may sometimes spend more time with friends and come around family only when they ask or if there is some kind of family gathering, they rarely miss a family gathering. 6 Males, although they have the nurturing quality in them, they don’t show it as much as the female species but it is there and it does come out. They prefer to nurture by bringing home the money, food, creature comforts; especially if they have Fire or Air sign.

Before the Life Path or Destiny number 6 becomes an adult man or woman, they are first children. Family is very important to 6 children. What this means is, the family can make the 6 or break the 6 child. If one ever encounters a 6 that does not care for their family, you can bet the family was not right towards this child. In which case, when something like that happens, 6 will create a new family made up of good friends and occasional strays.

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Advice for the Parents of the Life Path or Destiny number 6 child:

Parents encourage your 6 child to have some fun every now and then and teach them while they are young, to take care of themselves first. Guidance begins at home with the parents. The way that you (the parents) treat 6, is how they will expect to be treated by everyone. If you misuse their love, service and loyalty to you, they will subconsciously think that is how it is supposed to be and they will go out into the world to allow other people to misuse them. Show them how to direct their gift in a way that it doesn’t personally hurt or take away from them. The one exception to keeping the 6 balanced is proper guidance in childhood. If the 6 does not get that, they will grow up in learning everything the hard way. Don’t forget to show them as much affection as possible, it helps to replenish and balance them


Life Path Destiny number 6 in your family?

If you have a member in your family that is a life path 6 or Destiny 6 and you love them, don’t just sit around and indulge in the love they give you. I encourage you to participate in the love, you won’t regret it.


Help them with something and be happy in doing so. 6 doesn’t want to burden anyone so at first, it will be difficult for them to accept you helping them but trust me, they could use the help and they really need someone to rely on. Don’t give them the help if you really don’t want to because they will sense your resentment and tell you “never mind, I will do it my self.” Don’t give them the help that is convenient for you, give them the help that they really need and if you don’t know what that is, try asking them. Make them feel as though from your heart, you really want to help. Do not wait until they ask you for help because usually that will not happen unless in some way, you have shown them that it is okay for them to ask you and you don’t feel they are a burden.


Advice for the Life Path or Destiny number 6

Life path 6 and destiny number 6, if you are reading this, it is not by chance. You more than understand accountability, in that you must understand that you need to play the (biggest) role in loving yourself, more than you love other people. You play a huge role in feeling like a slave. Think about why it is that you feel you have to over work yourself for other people. If you are helping someone when you don’t really want to because really you can’t, you are not being true to yourself and that is what some call phony. We are all psychic, people know when you are not sincere and they use that against you, they know you will still do the job. Please take the necessary steps in caring for yourself more than you care for others. After all, if you are not taken care of, how can you go on taking care of yourself, in addition, taking care of others? Helping people when you are tired or sick, is in sane. Sorry to have to put it to you that way.

Study the people that you are about to help, know up front what the consequences of you helping people will lead to. Learn to communicate that you are only going to do what you agreed to do, nothing more. If you agree to do something that becomes a problem for you, it’s okay to back out of it. Trust me, most other numbers are not as dedicated as you when it comes to helping people, even if they pretend not to understand, they know deep down that if they were you, they would not be doing as much as you but if you want to, they will let you because that is less of a problem for them. Sounds like selfishness right? That’s because being concerned with self is actually healthy. As long as you know in your heart you are not the kind of person who makes all things completely about you (selfish) you know you are not that kind of person. In this case however, it is all about you (caring for self) you must be true to yourself. You don’t have to commit in a way that brings you down, why should you? Inconveniencing your self is not what you agreed to. You already know that you are amongst the most generous people on the planet earth and you don’t have a problem with helping those who really need you and because of this very fact, you must learn when to, and when not to offer your services. You of all people should wait until you are asked for help because when you offer your services, you almost always end up in a situation you didn’t plan to end up in. Please, allow yourself to associate with those who will most importantly, balance you. This way, the balance is automatic, not something you will have to hope some day will come. Please do not reject someone giving you something because you don’t want to be a burden. Some people actually want to give from their heart, you don’t have to be the only one doing all the giving. One more thing, you are not a victim. You are actually very powerful, strong and a warrior when it comes to those you love. Let me share with you an Orisha named Chango. His number is 6 and his symbol is the double headed ax. Changos ax represents swift justice. One of your attributes is to teach. When you get into a challenging situation, that challenge is a test for you. You will either keep giving in to peoples problems, making them yours, (failing the test) or you will give them a lesson, hence, swift justice (passing the test) its up to you. At the end of the day, if you continue to go unbalanced, you have yourself to blame. When the people you care for wont change, that means you have to change.


What 6 is here to teach:

Deep down inside 6 hopes that through their love and grace (teaching) they will be shown the same. Again, they see those they love as they see themselves. In there mind, when 6 shows love, they are showing themselves love

6 is showing love through service but to many of us are not seeing the lesson 6 has to offer, hence, overlooking love. 6 is here to teach, preserve and show the world the depths and life longing affects, of love. What the world needs now and has always needed, is love. We all need it and most importantly, we all need to honor it.


Below is a link that will take you to a site where you can check to see if someone you care about is 6 influenced.





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  1. White Lotus

    I really enjoyed reading the 6 destiny, because thats what I am. I think when we as 6’s are doing to much, we need to revisit the 1 and the 2. The 1 because it’s selfish and a little selfishness to protect our self is good because if we dont, we will continue to be taken for granted. My life path number is 2 but my 2 life path combined with my 6 Destiny intensifies my being taken for granted I because it makes me overly sensitive to the needs of others, increasing the overlooking of my own needs. Like 6, 2 is cooperative basically meaning balance. Which further more lends to the fact that I need to practice being more aware and demonstrative in putting my own needs first and foremost.

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