Difference between Chaldean and Pythagorean. Chaldean is the old way, ancient way or original way in how the Alphabet was assigned corresponding numbers. Pythagorean derived from Pythagoras who developed a theory of numbers. He had nothing to do with Numerology, he was only a revered theorist who’s theory became the basis for occult science of  Numerology, that  became the new way to assign numbers to corresponding letters…



Numerology Reports:
My observation of both systems is, one is where you are at and the other is where you are headed. Chaldean is where you are headed. Most people new into Numerology are not aware of the two systems and when they visit a Numerologist, typically they will get one report based on one or the other system. I do reports that involve both.  Adult $70

Child Numerology report is a bit more involved, as we are talking about a child here and things become a bit more complexed. $80

Difference Between Sidereal and Tropical Astrology Chart
Again, Sidereal is believed to be the original way, the first way in calculating a Birth chart and the Tropical way is the new way. Sidereal goes by the actual placement of the stars in signs and Tropical is based on Seasons. From my observation, Tropical is where you at and Sidereal is where you are heading. One gets you ready for the other which is your final destination. 

Typically you would get one report, I do both reports including a 6 month forecast. Adults $100, Children $110

Break Through consultations:
Break Through Consultations are for people who although they may have their Numerology chart, or have their Astrology chart, they really don’t understand how to use it to assist them with growth and development. The individual who needs break through consultations may be suffering from a lack of self awareness, insecurities, repeated negative patterns etcetera. I recommend break through consultations for those people. it is very involved and requires at the least 2 hours and at the most 6 hours and in some cases a touch up consultation here and there.

2 hours: $60
4 hours: $90
6 hours: $120

You simply call in [Toll Free 888 Number] or email if you have any questions before making your payment.




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