Our Mission


Here at Spiritually Speaking 7, the mission is to assist those who desire Healing and Spiritual growth.  What is Healing and Spiritual growth? So many of us don’t have a clue as to who we are hence, we become drifters in life. We see and hear things we feel a connection with but out of fear of what may, or may not be, we don’t take the first step in empowering ourselves towards making a change. Here at Spiritually Speaking 7,  an addition to the mission is to also assist people in beginning the  process of empowering self towards the direction of Healing. From your place of healing is where the Journey of Spiritual growth takes root. Spiritually Speaking 7 is here to help.

Our belief is that all human beings are connected regardless of sexuality, behavior, religion, ethnicity and social background. Since we are all connected, if you lack, everything connected to you lacks something as well. The beauty of the lacking is, we all get the opportunity to balance each other out. Let’s begin to heal the world, by first healing our self. It can be done.

At Spiritually Speaking 7, there is no judgment. However, please understand that this principle does not set any of us free from our own accountability. It is only your consciousness that matters. If you are not honest with self, then it is only you who will truly judge yourself, which can often be worse than experiencing the judgment of others. Here it’s all about reconnecting with the spiritual self, and healing ourselves of everything that is keeping us trapped in a spiritually unproductive life.

Spiritually Speaking 7 makes use of Astrology, Numerology and Destiny Cards. If you are interested in the services Spiritually Speaking 7 has to offer, link to the Services page below…